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(131) In Cantey's brigade, battery commanded by Lieut. W. M. Selden, Mobile, August 1st. (157) In Cantey's brigade, Mobile, August 10th; one section, called Selden's, at Pollard.

No. 58—(547, 548) Called Selden's, in department of Gulf; headquarters, Jackson, Miss., January 11, 1864. (582) Mentioned among troops in department of Gulf.

No. 74—(646) In Cantey's division, army of Mississippi, June 10, 1864. (653) Lieut. Charles W. Lovelace, Walthall's division, army of Tennessee, June and July. (667, 675) In Preston's battalion, Stewart's corps, siege of Atlanta. (873) Mentioned in report of Capt. Chas. Vanderford. (917) Mentioned in report of General Cockrell. (926) General Walthall, in his report of the battle of Peachtree Creek, July 20th, says: "Selden's battery, under the immediate command of Lieutenant Lovelace, was gotten into an advantageous position, where it was so skillfully and rapidly served, that the flanking force was soon driven off in confusion." (938) Gen. D. H. Reynolds in his report of same fight, Peachtree Creek, says: "Major Preston promptly put Selden's battery (commanded by Lieutenant Lovelace) into position, and opened on the enemy with telling effect. The battery, under the immediate supervision of Major Preston and Lieutenant Lovelace, did noble service, and I regret to state that Major Preston was killed and Lieutenant Lovelace wounded; yet, although wounded, Lieutenant Lovelace kept his battery in position until it had fired its last round of ammunition." (967) Relieved by Barry's battery, 4 p. m., July 20th. (969) Report of Lieut. Chas. Lovelace on battle of Peachtree Creek. (979-981) Mentioned in journal of army of Tennessee.

No. 75—(771) Mentioned by Adjutant-General West, near Kenesaw mountain, June 12th.

No. 77—(812) Gen. A. P. Stewart says that Selden's battery reduced the blockhouse at Tilton, near Dalton, where 300 men were captured, October 13, 1864.

No. 78—(858) Stewart's corps, Hood's army, Nashville campaign.

No. 103—(1047) Commanded by Lieut. Wm. M. Selden at Mobile, March 10, 1865.


The Eufaula battery was organized in February, 1862,