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No. 57—(478) Mentioned in report of A. P. Stewart, February 24, 1864, army of Tennessee.

No. 58—(591, 617, 821) Mentioned in report of Gen. R. B. Johnson, January 26, 1864.

No. 59—(687, 708, 709) Organized, April, 1862. Present for duty, 115, March 29, 1864. Lost men and horses at Chickamauga. Total effective, 100, Hallonquist's report. (731) Effective, 96, April 1st. (872) Artillery reserve, Johnston's army, April 30th.

No. 74—(644, et seq.) In artillery reserve, Atlanta campaign. (667) Lieut. P. F. Powers, Lee's corps, July. (674) Lieut. Robt. Cherry, Lee's corps, August.

No. 77—(817) Mentioned in S. G. French's report of battle of Allatoona, October 4, 1864.

No. 78—(858) Hood's army, September 20, 1864, at Macon, Ga.

No. 93—(668) Stewart's corps, Hood's army, December 10, 1864.


Tarrant's battery was organized by General Clanton in June, 1863, and after remaining at Pollard several months, joined the army of Tennessee at Dalton. It took part in the battles of Resaca, Cassville, Lost Mountain, New Hope, Kenesaw, Peachtree Creek and Atlanta. The battery moved toward Tennessee, and was in the action at Decatur; it fought at Nashville, where it suffered severely, losing so many men and horses that the guns could not be removed. The remnant was sent to Blakely, where, after taking a heroic part in the defense, it finally surrendered. Capt. Edward Tarrant was captured at Blakely. Lieut. B. B. Hardwick was wounded at Kenesaw; he and Lieutenant Shepard were captured at Nashville.


No. 42—(239, 240) Mentioned by General Clanton at Pollard, September 19, 1863. (402, 511) In Clanton's brigade, Mobile, November and December. No. 58—(547, 548, 582) In department of the Gulf, Clanton's brigade, January, 1864. No. 59—(861) In Reynolds' bri-