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Maj.-Gen. Franklin Gardner commanding.

Maxey's brigade, Brig.-Gen. S. B. Maxey—Louisiana regiments: Fourth and Thirtieth; Tennessee regiments: Forty-second, Forty-sixth, Fifty-fifth, Forty-eighth, Forty-ninth, Fifty-third; Burnet’s sharpshooters; Fenner's battery; Capt. Calvit Roberts’ Mississippi battery.

Gregg’s brigade, Brig.-Gen. John Gregg—Tennessee regiments; Third, Tenth, Thirtieth, Forty-first, Fiftieth, Fifty-first; Chinn's Louisiana battalion; Seventh Texas; Bledsoe’s Missouri battery; Brookhaven Mississippi battery, Capt. J. A. Hoskins.

Beall’s brigade, Brig.-Gen. W. N. R. Beall—Arkansas regiments: Eleventh, Seventeenth, Twelfth, Fourteenth, Eighteenth, Twenty-third, Fifteenth, Sixteenth, Eighth battalion; Thirty-ninth Mississippi, Col. W. B. Shelby; batteries B, F, K, First Mississippi light artillery.

Rust’s brigade, Brig.-Gen. Albert Rust–Thirty-fifth Alabama, Ninth Arkansas, First Confederate battalion; Twelfth Louisiana; Fifteenth Mississippi, Lieut.-Col. J. R. Binford; Chust’s and Ilsley’s companies, Pointe Coupée artillery; Hudson’s Mississippi battery, Lieut. J. R. Sweany.

Buford’s brigade, Brig.-Gen. A. Buford—Twenty-seventh and Forty-ninth Alabama; Fourth and Sixth Alabama battalions; Tenth Arkansas, Third Kentucky, Seventh Kentucky, Watson’s battery.

Cavalry—Ninth Louisiana battalion; three Louisiana companies; Mississippi battalion, Maj. W. H. Garland; Mississippi battalion, Lieut.-Col. C. C. Wilbourn; Mississippi companies, Capts. G. Herren, W. V. Lester, T. C. Rhodes, V. L. Terrell, T. R. Stockdale; Ninth Tennessee battalion.

Heavy artillery—First Alabama, Twelfth Louisiana battalion, First Tennessee battalion.

The return of this district for the above organizations showed present for duty 1,366 officers, 14,921 men; aggre-