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verest loss of the division. The Mississippians under Colonel Lowrey were particularly distinguished. On the 18th, Walthall’s Mississippians after a sharp fight took Alexander's bridge on the Chickamauga, the Twenty-ninth making the attack in front and losing heavily. The Thirty-fourth also suffered no little.

On the morning of the 19th, part of Walker's division having been handled roughly in an assault on Thomas' line, Walthall went in with a shout, breaking the first and second line of the enemy, passing over two full batteries and capturing 411 prisoners. But one gun could be removed, the horses having been killed. This fight lasted an hour, when Walthall was compelled to retire by flanking movements of the enemy. Colonel McKelvaine and Lieutenant-Colonel Morgan were severely wounded. Cheatham's division had meanwhile moved to the assistance of Cleburne, and now Walthall joined in the fight on the right of Jackson’s brigade, still against Thomas. In the severe engagement Saturday afternoon, Major Pegram, of the Thirty-fourth, was severely wounded, and Captain Bowen assumed command. Major Staples, commanding the Twenty-fourth, was also severely wounded and Captain Smith slightly. Captain Turner commanded the next day.

On the left of the army on the next day, Sunday, September 20th, the brigades of Anderson and Humphreys, the latter having just arrived from Virginia, had a conspicuous part in the rout of the right wing of Rosecrans' army. In their first charge the brigade captured three pieces of artillery, and a little further on the Forty-first captured a battery of five guns. Several stand of colors were also taken and many prisoners. In this report, Anderson testified to his "high appreciation of the valor, courage and skill displayed by the officers and troops on this memorable field. Without a single exception, so far as my knowledge at this time extends, they have borne themselves gallantly and added fresh laurels to