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those so nobly won upon the former fields of Shiloh, Munfordville, Perryville and Murfreesboro." The brigade numbered 156 officers and 1,709 enlisted men on the morning of the 20th. The loss was 558, of whom 80 were killed, 454 wounded and 24 missing. Among the killed was Maj. John C. Thompson, of the Forty-fourth, a noble patriot, who had commanded his regiment with gallantry at Murfreesboro. On the night of the 20th, Col. J. H. Sharp took command of the brigade, General Anderson having been called to command Hindman's division. Humphreys' brigade took part in the assault upon Thomas' right, and captured during the day over 400 prisoners, five stand of colors, and 1,200 small arms. On the 22d a detachment of thirty men from the Eighteenth captured 9 officers and 120 men on the mountain near Rossville.

Walthall's brigade on Sunday moved first toward the left and came under a severe fire, in which Colonel Reynolds was killed and Major Johnson was wounded. Toward evening the brigade was sent to the extreme right of the Confederate line, and advanced with skirmishing across the Chattanooga road, between Thomas and that city. Here the brigade suffered severely from the enfilading fire of three batteries, and was compelled to withdraw. Col. J. I. Scales was captured here, and Lieutenant-Colonel Jones, Twenty-seventh, wounded. But three of the field officers of the ten which went into action Saturday remained on duty. The brigade reformed and held the road that night. The strength of the brigade at the beginning of the battle was 1,827, and the loss was 705, of whom 69 were killed, and 12 mortally wounded.

Col. M. P. Lowrey and Major Hawkins again took prominent part in the fighting of the 20th, on the right of the enemy. The brave Hawkins and Maj. F. C. Karr, of the Thirty-second, were among the mortally wounded. On the morning of the 20th, Lowrey's command having gained the crest of a ridge near the enemy lost one-fourth