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Gen. W. H. Jackson's division. Evading this force by a feint, he proceeded to Northport; crossing the bridge over the Black Warrior, he surprised the guard, captured the artillery and took possession of the town, destroyed the foundries and factories, the university, public works and stores, and remained there until April 5th. He then proceeded toward Eutaw. His progress was checked by a serious encounter with Gen. Wirt Adams, and only the firmness of the Second Michigan cavalry saved Croxton from overwhelming defeat. He remained near Northport for a few days and proceeded eastward.

April 16th, General Lagrange, who had been sent to reinforce Croxton, reached the vicinity of West Point with 3,000 men. A defense called Fort Tyler, manned by about 104 youths and convalescents, had been erected on the edge of Chambers county and confronted the enemy, whose whole force was directed against it. It was commanded by General Tyler, who resolved to defend it to the bitter end. He was killed, his successor, Captain Gonzalez, was mortally wounded, and then the command devolved upon Captain Parhan, who displayed the same invincible courage; but at last the overwhelming numbers of the enemy enabled them to scale the walls and throng into the little fortress, which was captured, and the Confederate flag torn from its last stronghold in the South. This was the last conflict of the war east of the Mississippi, with the exception of one of the same date at Columbus, Ga. Croxton's forces moved on toward Newnan, Ga.; but on the 26th, while they were crossing the river, a white flag appeared on the opposite bank, where the news awaited them of the fall of Richmond, the surrender of Lee and the assassination of Lincoln.

Many citizens of Alabama not mentioned on the rolls of the State troops made their names illustrious by chivalrous and daring deeds. Among the noble young heroes who laid down their lives for the cause of the