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  • 24 Cavalry Regiments.
  • 16 Cavalry Battalions.
  • 1 Regiment Cavalry Reserves.
  • 7 Regiments State Troops.
  • 3 Battalions State Troops.
  • 8 Battalions State Cavalry.
  • 1 Mixed Regiment, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee.
  • 1 Mixed Battalion, Mississippi and Tennessee.
  • 1 Mixed Mississippi and Alabama Cavalry Battalion.
  • 1 Regiment Partisan Rangers.
  • 1 Battalion Partisan Rangers.
  • 5 Battalions Sharpshooters.
  • 1 Artillery Regiment.
  • 1 Artillery Battalion.
  • 1 Artillery Battery.
  • Jeff Davis Legion, mixed Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia cavalry.

Under an act of the legislature of Mississippi, August 11, 1864, creating the office of superintendent of army records and making it the duty of that officer to collect and record the names and military status of all Mississippians in the Confederate service, Governor Clark appointed Col. J. L. Power. In his report made to the governor of Mississippi in October, 1865, Colonel Power, among other things, says: "To enter upon the completion of these records after more than three years of active military service, involving loss of company books and muster-rolls, seemed indeed a hopeless, endless task. * * * * * The great portion of the troops from Mississippi were in the Tennessee army, and that army, at the time of my appointment and until its final surrender, was either in line of battle or on the march, rendering it impracticable to accomplish anything in the premises." Colonel Power proceeded to Virginia in December, 1864, to complete the records of the Mississippi brigades in that army, but had not been able to do so when the order was given for the evacuation of Richmond. "The records