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troops at and about Grenada, Miss., June 14, 1862. Aggregate 169, commanded by General Villepigue. (661) Aggregate 193, with General Van Dorn at Vicksburg, July, 1862. (726) "Steedman's regiment at Port Hudson."—General Ruggles' letter to Van Dorn, October 11, 1862. (815) With General Pemberton in Mississippi, December, 1862.

No. 38—(613) In heavy artillery brigade, department of Mississippi, General Pemberton. (707) Same assignment, April 20, 1863, Col. I. G. W. Steedman.

No. 41—(36-37) Report of Lieut.-Col. M. B. Locke of operations near Port Hudson, May 17, 1863: "Capt J. G. Stubbs, Company C, held the enemy in check until nearly surrounded." Captain Pruett and Lieutenant Cregnies mentioned. One man wounded. (143) Paroled at Port Hudson, July, 1863. (144) Lieut Thomas Frank killed at siege of Port Hudson. (147) Killed 2, wounded 2. Casualties in General Beall's brigade up to June 1, 1863. (156) Killed 2, wounded 8. Report of Colonel Steedman, operations May 25th to July 7th, Port Hudson. (157) Report of Colonel Steedman, May 26th, mentions Lieutenant-Colonel Locke. (161) Report of Colonel Steedman, June 10th, mentions Capts. J. F. Whitfield and James D. Meadows, also Maj. Samuel L. Knox. (156-163) Reports of Colonel Steedman, June 29th, Major Knox commanding. (163) April 20th, Colonel Steedman says: "The fine discipline and buoyant spirits of the regiment were conspicuous during the entire siege. In their exposed position they were assaulted incessantly, almost every day and night, but never successfully." (166) Mentioned in Lieut.-Col. J. H. Wingfield's report. (551) Report of Gen. Wm. Dwight, U. S. A., before Port Hudson, says: "First Alabama is 500 strong."

No. 42—(18) Letter of Lieutenant-Colonel Locke, commanding, May 25, 1863. (104) Letter of Capt. J. P. Jones, Port Hudson, July 5th, states : "First Alabama 585 strong." (431) Letter of Gen. Dabney H. Maury, Mobile, November 21st, speaks of expected arrival of First Alabama.

No. 56—(630) Ordered to Meridian, Miss., November 4, 1863.

No. 58—(563) Asked for by General Maury, January 15, 1864. (583) January 20, 1864, aggregate, 745. (703) General Maury asks General Polk, February 10th: "Please send me Colonel Steedman's regiment to serve as heavy