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artillery." (734) "I shall send you the First Alabama regiment, General."—Polk to Maury, February 13th. (769) "First Alabama has arrived."—Maury to Polk, February 19th.

No. 59—(861) Major Knox commanding, with troops in district of the Gulf, April 30, 1864.

No. 65—(425) Mentioned by General Ashboth, U. S. A., affair at Bayou Grand, August 7, 1864. Spoken of as First Alabama artillery, number 400.

No. 66—(89) General Ashboth, U. S. A., Barrancas, May 9, 1864, says: "First Alabama infantry is at Pollard."

No. 74—(646) In General Cantey's division, Second brigade, army of Mississippi, July 10, 1864. (653) Walthall's division, June 30th, Major Knox commanding. (660) Same assignment. (665) In Quarles' brigade, General Walthall's division, Stewart's corps, army of Tennessee, July 31st. (671) Assignment as above, August 31, 1864. (894) Gen. D. H. Reynolds, of Walthall's division, in front of Atlanta, July 19th, says: "Major Knox arrived with his regiment." (923) General Walthall, September 3d, says: "Major Knox in command of the First Alabama regiment, a fine officer and veteran regiment, reports that the enemy came within 30 yards of his lines at almost all points," battle of Kenesaw, June 27th.

No. 74—(930) Gen. William A. Quarles, writing July 1, 1864, of the same operations, says: "To the First Alabama is due the whole credit of the most brilliant affair it has ever been my fortune to witness. I respectfully and most earnestly recommend the promotion of Major Knox. He has exhibited his capacity for higher rank on the field where commissions are most worthily won." (932) August 6th, General Quarles says: "Colonel (Major) Knox, of the First Alabama, well known as one of the most promising officers in the army, was severely and dangerously wounded in the early part of the action. It is praise enough of him to say that up to the time of his fall he sustained his former reputation." (933) "And to Lieutenant Neal, acting assistant-surgeon, First Alabama, I am much indebted for the zeal and promptness of [his] conduct." (934) Major Knox in report of same operations says: "We captured 18 prisoners, one of them Captain Wakefield, of the Fifty-third Indiana. We lost 1 sergeant killed and 5 privates wounded." (937) Mentioned by Gen. D. H. Reynolds in his report of same.