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Montgomery in April, 1861, and it was immediately dispatched to Virginia.

Colonel Withers was very early promoted to the rank of brigadier-general, and Tennent Lomax succeeded him as colonel of the regiment. It won great honor in the battles of Seven Pines, Malvern Hill, Winchester, Cedar Hill, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, The Wilderness, Spottsylvania, Second Cold Harbor, Early's advance on Washington, the battles around Richmond, Petersburg and Appomattox. Colonels Lomax and B. B. Johnson were among the killed at Seven Pines. The regiment lost 207 killed, wounded and missing at the bloody battle of Malvern Hill.


Vol. IX—(59) Mentioned by General Huger, Norfolk, Va., March 8, 1862. (431) General Huger, Suffolk, Va., February 13, 1862, says: "I have ordered 1,000 men, Third Alabama, to Suffolk."

Vol. XI, Part I—(774) "The force opposed to us was the Third Alabama, 1,000 strong." Francis C. Barlow, New York volunteers, Fair Oaks Station, Va., June 2, 1862. (785) Col. Paul Frank, Fifty-second N. Y. infantry, says in report of battle of Fair Oaks: "Part of the right wing of the Third Alabama had broken the right of the Eighty-first Pennsylvania." (786) "The colonel and several line officers of the Third Alabama were killed." (790) Mentioned by Col. John R. Brooke, Fifty-third Pennsylvania.

Vol. XI, Part 2—(484) Rodes' brigade, D. H. Hill's division, Jackson's corps, Seven Days' battles. (505) 37 killed, 170 wounded, June 26 to July 1, 1862. (625-627) Mentioned in report of Gen. D. H. Hill. (630-632) Gen. R. E. Rodes' report. (633) Casualties, June 27th, 2 killed, 14 wounded; July 1st, 37 killed, 163 wounded. (634) Mentioned in Col. J. B. Gordon's report. (635) Casualties as above, Malvern Hill. (636) Mentioned by Col. J. B. Gordon. (975-976) Casualties as above.

Vol. XI, Part 3—(435) Gen. Benjamin Huger, April 10, 1862, says that it is one of the best regiments. (650) Lieut.-Col. C. A. Battle in command, July 23, 1862.