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Vol. XIX, Part 1—(808) Assigned as above. (1021) General Hill in his report of operations, July 23d-September 27th, indorses General Rodes' report of Maryland campaign where he said that with the Fifth and Sixth, "the Third, commanded by Colonel Battle, deserve special mention for admirable conduct during the whole fight." (1024) Same report, further mention. (1035-1038) General Rodes' report of the battles of Boonesboro and Sharpsburg commends the regiment and its leader, Colonel Battle.

Vol. XXI—(541) Rodes' brigade, Stonewall Jackson's corps (Lee's roster), July 3, 1862. (560) 1 killed, 2 wounded in the battle of Fredericksburg. (1073) Assignment as above, December 20, 1862.

No. 39—(792) Assignment as above. Capt. M. P. Bonham in command. Chancellorsville campaign. May, 1863. (807) 17 killed, 121 wounded, battle of Chancellorsville. (943) Mentioned in General Rodes' report of Chancellorsville campaign. (948) 15 killed, 128 wounded at Chancellorsville. (949) General Rodes in report says: "The Third Alabama regiment captured and have in their possession two stand of Federal artillery colors." (950-953) Several mentions in Colonel 0'Neal's report; he says: "The Third Alabama, under the command of Capts. M. F. Bonham, John W. Chester and Watkins Phelan (and other regiments), though passing through a dense and tangled forest for a mile, all the regiments moved in a regular, unbroken line, the officers exhibiting the greatest coolness and daring, cheering on their men by both voice and example. Capt. Watkins Phelan was wounded in this charge. He, with Captain Bonham, who commanded the regiment, and Captain Chester, commanding the right wing of the Third Alabama, acted most gallantly. Each regiment did its whole duty. I am also greatly indebted to Adjts. A. H. Pickett and Samuel H. Moore, of the Third and Twenty-sixth Alabama regiments, who acted as aides, for valuable services in fearlessly carrying and delivering orders." (954) Mentioned also in Col. J. M. Hall's report. (955-957) Report of Col. M. F. Bonham, commanding regiment. (959, 960, 961, 976) Mentioned in reports of Colonel Lightfoot, Sixth Alabama, of Colonel Pickens, Twelfth Alabama, and of Gen. A. H. Colquitt. (1052) Confederate roll of honor, battle of Chancellorsville, Third regiment