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2 killed, 13 wounded at Malvern Hill (985) Capts. H. Armistead killed June 27th, and Alfred C. Price died of wounds received June 27th.

Vol. XI, Part 3—(114) Mentioned in report of Gen. Geo. B. McClellan, near Yorktown, April 20, 1862. (483) In Whiting's brigade, Johnston's army, April 30th, 459 strong. (531, 652) Same assignment. (654) Mentioned in letter of General Lee to President Davis, July 25, 1862.

Vol. XII, Part 2—(547) In General Whiting's brigade, Hood's division. Northern Virginia, during battles of August 28-September 1, 1862. (560) 18 killed, 45 wounded, Manassas Plains, August, 1862. (567) General Longstreet's report of operations commends "Col. E. M. Law at Manassas Plains on August 29th and 30th, Boonsboro, and at Sharpsburg on the i6th and 17th. . . . It is with no common feeling that I recount the loss at Manassas Plains of . . . Lieut.-Col. O. K. McLemore, Fourth Alabama." (604-606) Mentioned in General Hood's report of operations, including Freeman's Ford, Groveton and Manassas. (623-625) Report of same operations by Col. E. M. Law commanding Whiting's brigade. Mentions Colonel McLemore and highly commends Private Smith, and gives 19 killed, 44 wounded. (816) Lieut. D. C. Farris killed August 29th.

Vol. XVIII—(782) Mentioned in letter from General Whiting to Major-General Smith.

Vol. XIX, Part 1—(805, 811) Law's brigade. Hood's division, Lee's army, Maryland campaign. Medical Director Lafayette Guild, in his report of casualties, gives 7 killed, 37 wounded, in operations from August 16th to September 2d. (922-924) Report of General Hood, of Maryland campaign, gives Fourth Alabama in engagements of Freeman's Ford, Rappahannock River, August 22d; Plains of Manassas, August 29th and 30th; Boonsboro Gap, Md., September 14th, and Sharpsburg, September 16th and 17th. At Boonsboro fell mortally wounded Lieut.-Col. O. K. McLemore, a most efficient, gallant and valuable officer. Capt. L. H. Scruggs received several wounds. Colonel Law was conspicuous, commanding brigade. (937, 938) Report of Colonel Law, commanding brigade, of battle of Sharpsburg, says: "The Fourth Alabama pushed into the wood in which the skirmish had taken place the evening previous and drove the enemy through and beyond it . . . Captain