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Alabama, which had cleared its front of the enemy, the line was re-established, and the enemy driven from it." (229, 230) Gen. J. L. Sheffield, commanding Law’s brigade at engagement near Lookout creek, speaks several times especially of the Fourth; he says that Lieutenant-Colonel Scruggs, commanding the Fourth, co-operating with the Forty-fourth under Colonel Perry, drove the enemy from and beyond the breastworks; he returned but was again driven back. Reports 1 killed. (452) Assignment as above. Colonel Bowles in command of regiment, November 30th.

No. 55—(658) Detached with Longstreet's corps, November 4th, for operations in East Tennessee.

No. 56—(573) Lieutenant Manston informs Major Buford, October 21, 1863, that he has some men of the Fourth on duty who are of great service on account of their knowledge of the country. (615, 890) Refers to organization.

No. 58—(641) Assignment, January 31, 1864, as above.

No. 59—(722) Law's brigade, Buckner's division, department East Tennessee, March 31, 1864.

No. 60—(339, 349, 350) Mentioned by General Merritt and A. A. Humphreys, U. S. A., Culpeper, Va, January, 1864.

No. 67–(1022, 1060) General Law's brigade, Field's division, Lee's army, May, 1864. Twenty-two killed and 62 wounded, May 4th to 6th.

No. 80–(763) Three killed, 6 wounded, June 13 to July 31, 1864, Richmond campaign.

No. 82—(592) Mentioned by John C. Babcock, U. S. A.

No. 87—(877) Seven killed and 29 wounded, August 1st to December 31st.

No. 88—(34, 36, 159, 1215) Mentioned by Gen. B. F. Butler, Gen. R. S. Foster and in "list of rebel forces on north side of James river."

No. 89—(1188) Assignment as above, October 31, 1864, Colonel Bowles in command. (1238) November 30th, Capt. A. D. McInnis in command. (1364) December 31st, Colonel Bowles in command.

No. 95—(1268) Law's brigade, Field's division, Appomattox campaign, Lieutenant-Colonel Scruggs in command of regiment. (1171) January 31, 1865, Colonel Bowles in command. (1179) Inspection reports. (1269) February 28, 1865. Lieutenant-Colonel Scruggs in command.