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officers and men acted well and vied with each other in doing their whole duty. I would, however, respectfully mention the gallant conduct of Capt. T. M. Riley, Company C; Adjt. C. J. Pegues, Sergt.-Maj. Alfred G. Ward; also Sergt. Adam Swicegood and Corp. A. M. Ballard, Company E, and Private James Arrington, Company D. All of these men acted with the most undaunted courage, coolness and skill." (958,959) Report of Capt. T. M. Riley: "Captain Renfro, while bravely leading the advance and calling on the men to follow, fell, mortally wounded. Being senior officer, I now assumed command of the regiment." (965,966) Mentioned in reports of Colonel Garvin and Lieut. M. J. Taylor. (1052,1053) Roll of honor of the Fifth regiment, battle of Chancellorsville: Capt. W. T. Renfro, Company B; Private John Summers, Company B; Private F. M. Burnett, Company C; Sergt. John H. Cowan, Company D; Private L. H. Thornton, Company E; Private W. P. Stokes, Company A; Corp. H. F. Martin, Company K; Private R. L. Franklin, Company H; Private H. J. Robertson, Company I; Corp. John O’Donohoe, Company F; Private N. S. Franklin, Company G.

No. 40—(456) Mentioned by Gen. H. W. Slocum, Chancellorsville.

No. 44—(287) O'Neal's brigade, Rodes' division; Colonel Hall in command of regiment. Gettysburg, July 1 to 4, 1863. (332, 336, 342) Returns of casualties after battle of Gettysburg give 21 killed, 109 wounded. Regimental report gives loss 209. (444) Mentioned by Gen. A. S. Pendleton. (545-561) General Rodes' report of Gettysburg campaign gives the part taken by regiment. Refers to Major Blackford in terms of high praise. (563) List of officers with their commands at battle of Gettysburg gives Colonel Hall, Major Blackford; list of officers killed or wounded, Lieut. A. J. Wilcox. (592-594) Mentioned in report of Col. E. A. O'Neal. (595-597) Report of Col. J. M. Hall says: "I would respectfully state that the general conduct of my command was all that I could desire. I would beg to mention the names of the following officers: Capt. T. M. Riley; Capts. E. B. Mosley and J. M. Gilchrist; Lieuts. Burton Goode and John A. Kirkland; E. P. Jones and J. F. Christian, Adjt. C. J. Pegues acted with conspicuous gallantry; Lieut. Albert J. Wilcox, a most gallant officer, was killed on the field." Entire loss Gettysburg, 21 killed, 121 wounded. (598)