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until the last officer and non-commissioned officer, except one corporal and 44 men of the 56 carried into action had fallen. Yet when General Rodes gave the order for his regiment to fall back, the few survivors were loading and firing all undaunted amid their fallen comrades. In my judgment history does not record an instance of greater courage and more steadiness of nerve than was exhibited by this entire regiment. . . . Of Captains Flournoy and McCarty, and each man that fell, I can say he died at his post."

Vol. XI, Part 2—(484) Rodes' brigade, Jackson's corps, engagements around Richmond. (507, 975, 976) Casualties, 3 killed and 13 wounded, June 27, 1862, and 8 killed and 39 wounded, July 1st. (625) Mentioned in report of Gen. D. H. Hill. (630-633) Report of Gen. R. E. Rodes, battle of Gaines’ Mill: "I was compelled (from a wound) to turn over the command of brigade to Colonel Gordon of the Sixth Alabama. I desire to call especial attention to the conduct of the above-mentioned officer; it was distinguished for all a soldier can admire." (635, 637) Report of Col. J. B. Gordon, battle of Gaines' Mill.

Vol. XI, Part 3—(426, 445) Gen. A. J. Dickinson mentions the Sixth. (482) Johnston's army, 1,100 strong, April 30, 1862. (532) Rodes' brigade, Johnston's army, near Richmond, May 21st. (601) Mentioned in circular of Col. J. B. Gordon, June 15th. (650) Assignment as above, army of Northern Virginia, July 23d, Colonel Gordon in command of regiment.

Vol. XIX, Part 1–(272) Report of Gen. T. Seymour, U. S. A., battle South Mountain, September 14, 1862. (808) Assignment as above during the Maryland campaign. 950) Mentioned in report of Captain Durham, Twenty-third South Carolina, Boonsboro and Sharpsburg. (1023-1028) General Hill, in his report of operations from June 23d to September 17th says: "Colonel Gordon, the Christian hero, excelled his former deeds at Seven Pines in the battles around Richmond. Our language is not capable of expressing higher commendation. [Sharpsburg] Col. J. B. Gordon, the Chevalier Bayard of the army. Lieutenant-Colonel Lightfoot of the Sixth was wounded at Sharpsburg." General Hill also speaks in high terms of Lieut. P. H. Larey and Sergt. J. B. Hancock, of the Sixth. (1034-1038) Report of Gen. R. E. Rodes, battles of Boonsboro and Sharpsburg, says: "The men generally did well,