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but Colonel Gordon, Sixth Alabama, deserves special mention for admirable conduct during the whole fight." He gives great praise to this regiment throughout his report.

Vol. XXI—(541, 1073) Rodes' brigade, Second corps, General Jackson, army of Northern Virginia, December, 1862. (560) Report of medical director, 1 killed and 7 wounded, Fredericksburg.

No. 39–(792) Colonel Lightfoot in command of regiment, April, 1863. (807) Medical director reports 24 killed and 125 wounded at the battle of Chancellorsville. (943-939-940) Report of Gen. R. E. Rodes of battle of Chancellorsville: "The fighting on the center and left was of a most desperate character, and resulted in the loss of many valuable officers; among them and most to be regretted was Maj. A. M. Gordon, of the Sixth Alabama (May 3d), a young officer of great promise and purity of character." (948) Casualties reported. (949) General Rodes says that the regiment captured a battery flag at Chancellorsville. (951) Captured 105 prisoners, May 2d. (952, 954, 955) Mentioned in General O'Neal's report, and Colonel Hall's (commanding brigade). (959, 960) Lieutenant-Colonel Lightfoot's report says: "In a word, my officers and men all acted exceedingly gallantly; 22 killed and 135 wounded. Maj. A. M. Gordon killed at the head of his regiment; his vacancy cannot be filled in the regiment." (976, 986) Mentioned by Gen. H. Colquitt and Gen. Alfred Iverson. (1053) Roll of honor: Private Matthew Benton, Company A; Private W. H. Digby, Company C; Sergt. E. O. Baker, Company E; Private H. L. Jones, Company G; Private James W. Evans, Company I; Sergt. H. W. Hale, Company L; Sergt. J. C. Gamble, Company B; Private H. H. Moore, Company D ; Corp. G. P. Jones, Company F; Sergt. D. Madigan, Company H; Private H. 1. Price, Company K; Private D. W. Moorer, Company M.

No. 44–(287) Second corps, Gen. R. S. Ewell; regimental commanders, Colonel Lightfoot and Capt. M. L. Bowie, July, 1863. (322, 342) Casualties at Gettysburg, 18 killed, and 113 wounded. (336) 2 wounded in skirmishes en route from Pennsylvania. (545-553) Mentioned in report of Gen. R. E. Rodes. (563) Colonel Lightfoot and Maj. J. F. Culver wounded, July 1st (592, 693) Report of Col. E. A. O'Neal. (599-600) Report of Capt. M. L. Bowie, from June 2d to July 3d, says: "The conduct of the men