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Whoever violates this right shall be punished in accordance with law, including the possibility of dismissal from office.

Article 52: Everyone has the right to assemble for lawful purposes, in accordance with law. The State is obligated to facilitate the exercise of this right.

Article 53: Everyone has the right to meet publicly or privately, without obtaining permission in advance, for lawful purposes and without weapons. Meetings in public places may be regulated by law.

Article 54: No person shall be subjected to slavery or servitude. Traffic of persons, in particular women, children and adolescents, in any form, shall be subject to the penalties prescribes by law.

Article 55: Every person has the right to protection by the State, through the citizen safety organs regulated by law, from situations that affect or constitute a threat, vulnerability or risk to the physical integrity of individuals, their properties, the enjoyment of rights or the Fulfillment of duties.

Participation by citizens in programs for purposes of prevention, citizen safety and emergency management shall be regulated by a special law.

The State’s security corps shall respect the human dignity and rights of all persons. The use of weapons or toxic substances by police and security officers shall be limited by the principles of necessity, convenience, opportunity and proportionality in accordance with law.

Article 56: Every person has the right to his own name, to the summates of his father and mother, and to know the identity of the latter. The State guarantees the right to investigates maternity and paternity.

All persons have the right to be registered free of charge with the Civil Registry Office after birth, and to obtain public documents con-