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Government Gazette, 15 January 1998
No. 18596     35

Constitution of the Western Cape, 1997 Act No. 1, 1998

Affirming that the Western Cape, a province of the Republic of South Africa, is founded on—

democratic values,
the recognition of human rights,
the recognition of the family,
responsible and accountable government,
the rule of law,
the principles of mutual trust and co-operation, and
loyalty to the national Constitution;

Do now adopt this Constitution for the Western Cape.

May God protect our people.

God seën Suid-Afrika, Nkosi Sikelel’iAfrika, God bless South Africa.

Chapter 1

Founding Provisions

Province of the Western Cape


The Western Cape is a Province of the Republic of South Africa as established by the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.

Boundaries of Province


The boundaries of the Western Cape are determined by the national Constitution.

Adoption, status and interpretation of this Constitution



This Constitution is adopted for the Western Cape in terms of the national Constitution, the supreme law of the Republic of South Africa.


The legislative and executive powers and functions of the Western Cape recorded in this Constitution emanate exclusively from the national Constitution.


The provisions of this Constitution must not be interpreted as conferring any legislative or executive authority on the Western Cape which is inconsistent with the national Constitution.


In the event of an inconsistency between different texts of this Constitution, the English text prevails.

Application of this Constitution


This Constitution applies to the Western Cape. Subject to the national Constitution, it is the highest law in the Western Cape, and the obligations imposed by it must be performed diligently and without delay.




For the purposes of provincial government—


the official languages Afrikaans, English and isiXhosa are to be used; and