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(ii) credit, including credit extended solely on the security of land;
(b) any residential property; or
(c) a voucher;

“hire-purchase agreement” has the same meaning as in the Hire-Purchase Act (Cap.125);

“material fact” means any information that a supplier knows or ought reasonably to know would affect the decision of a consumer to enter into a consumer transaction;

“Panel” means the Injunction Proposals Review Panel appointed under section 10;

“residential property” means any house, flat or other premises which is permitted to be used pursuant to any written law as a dwelling-house and any such house, flat or other premises which is in the course of being constructed;

“services” includes—

(a) a service offered or provided that involves the addition to or maintenance, repair or alteration of goods or any residential property;
(b) a membership in any club or organisation if the club or organisation is a business formed to make a profit for its owners;
(c) the right to use time share accommodation under a time share contract;

“Small Claims Tribunal” means a Small Claims Tribunal constituted under section 4 of the Subordinate Courts Act (Cap. 321);

“specified body” means any person or body appointed under section 8(10);

“supplier” means a person who, in the course of the person’s business—

(a) provides goods or services to consumers;
(b) manufactures, assembles or produces goods;