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NO. 27 OF 2003

(c) promotes the use or purchase of goods or services; or
(d) receives or is entitled to receive money or other consideration as a result of the provision of goods or services to consumers,

and includes any employee or agent of the person;

“time share accommodation” means any living accommodation, in Singapore or elsewhere, used or intended to be used (wholly or partly) for leisure purposes by a class of persons all of whom have rights to use, or participate in arrangements under which they may use, that accommodation or accommodation within a pool of accommodation to which that accommodation belongs;

“time share contract” means a contract which confers or purports to confer on an individual time share rights that are exercisable during a period of not less than 3 years;

“time share rights” means rights to use time share accommodation for a specified or ascertainable period, but does not include rights under a contract of employment or an insurance policy;

“unfair practice” means an unfair practice within the meaning of section 4;

“voucher” means any document that purports to give the holder of the document the right to obtain goods or a service or the right to obtain goods or a service at a discounted or reduced price.

(2) An individual who holds himself out as acting exclusively in the course of business shall be treated as acting exclusively in the course of business for the purpose of the definition of “consumer” in subsection (1).

Application of Act

3. This Act shall not apply unless—

(a) the supplier or consumer is resident in Singapore; or
(b) the offer or acceptance relating to the consumer transaction is made in or is sent from Singapore.

Meaning of unfair practice

4. It is an unfair practice for a supplier, in relation to a consumer transaction—