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Dictionary of English Literature

Thumb (1894), Tales from the Punjab (1894), Red Rowans (1895), On the Face of the Waters (1896), Voices in the Night (1900), A Sovereign Remedy (1906), etc.

Stewart, John Alexander, LL.D. (1846).—Scholar. The English MSS. of the Nicomachean Ethics (1882), Notes on the Nicomachean Ethics (1902), article Ethics in Encyclopædia Britannica (1902), The Myths of Plato (1905), Plato's Doctrine of Ideas (1909).

"Swan, Annie S." (see Mrs. Burnett Smith).

Symonds, Miss E. M. ("George Paston").—Novelist, etc. A Modern Amazon (1894), A Bread and Butter Miss (1894), The Career of Candida (1896), A Fair Deceiver (1897), Little Memoirs of the Eighteenth Century (1901), Little Memoirs of the Nineteenth Century (1902), Side-Lights on the Georgian Period (1902), books on Mrs. Delaney, G. Romney, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, etc.

Symons, Arthur (1865).—Poet and critic. An Introduction to the Study of Browning (1886), Days and Nights (1889), London Nights (1895), The Symbolist Movement in Literature (1899), Images of Good and Evil (1900), Studies in Seven Arts (1906), etc.

Temple, Sir Richard Carnac, C.I.E. (1850).—Orientalist, etc. Wide-awake Stories (Punjab Folk Tales) (1884), with Mrs. F. A. Steel, Legends of the Punjab (1883-90), ed. various works dealing with the religious and geography of India, etc.

Thomas, Annie (Mrs. Pender Cudlip).—Novelist. Sir Victor's Choice, Denis Doune (1862), Comrades True (1900), The Diva (1901), The Cleavers of Cleaver (1902), Social Ghosts (1903), etc.; has written over 100 novels and tales.

Thomas, Edward.—Essayist and miscellaneous writer. Book of the Open Air, Home Solitarae, Oxford, Beautiful Wales, The Heart of England, The South Country, Life and Writings of Richard Jefferies.

Tout, Thomas Frederick (1855).—Historian. Analysis of English History (1891), Edward I. (12 English Statesmen series) (1893), The Empire and the Papacy (1898), History of Great Britain (1902-6), Germany and the Empire (Cambridge Modern History), etc.

Trench, Herbert (1865).—Poet, etc. Deirdre Wedded (1901), Apollo and the Seaman, The Questioners (1907), etc.

Trevelyan, George Macaulay (1876).—Historical writer. England in the Age of Wyclife (1899), England under the Stuarts (1904), The Poetry and Philosophy of George Meredith (1906), Garibaldi's Defence of the Roman Republic (1907), Garibaldi and the Thousand (1909), etc.

Trevelyan, Sir George Otto, P.C., LL.D., etc. (1838).—Statesman, biographer, etc. The Competition Wallah (1864), Life and Letters of Lord Macaulay (1876), The Early History of C. J. Fox (1880), The American Revolution, 3 vols. (1908), Interludes in Prose and Verse (1905).