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vations thereon, or upon any matter in church or state, printed in any part of the United Kingdom for sale, and published periodically, or in parts or numbers, at intervals not exceeding twenty-six days between the publication of any two such pamphlets or papers, parts or numbers, where any of the said pamphlets, &c., shall not exceed two sheets, or shall be published for sale for a less sum than sixpence, exclusive of the duty, shall be deemed and taken to be newspapers, agreeable to the Act of the 38th Geo. III. and subject to all the rules, &c., of all former Acts regarding newspapers, &c.

Sect. 2. No quantity of paper less than 21 inches in length, and 17 in breadth, to be deemed a sheet.

Sect. 3. No cover or blank leaf upon which any advertisement or other notice shall be printed, shall be deemed part of a pamphlet.

Sect. 4. Publications of the above nature, at intervals exceeding 26 days, to be published on the first day of every calendar month, or within two days before or after. Penalty £20.

Sect. 5. The price and day of publication to be printed on all periodicals, penalty for omission £20; persons liable to the above penalty for selling, or exposing for sale, any of the said publications for a less price than sixpence.

Sect. 6. Price not to extend to the allowance made to distributors, who buy to sell again.

Sect. 7. Pamphlets liable to the Stamp duties freed from all regulations respecting pamphlets.

Sect. 8. Persons not to print or publish newspapers, &c., or pamphlets of two sheets or under, of the above description, without entering into recognizance, or giving bond for securing fines upon conviction for libels. Penalty £20.

Sect. 9. If sureties pay any part of the money for which they are bound, or become bankrupts, new recognizance or bond with sureties must be given. Penalty £20.