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be entered for that purpose, in pursuance of an Act passed in the thirty-ninth year of his Majesty King George the Third, entitled, "An Act for the more effectual suppression of societies established for seditious and treasonable purposes, and for better preventing treasonable and seditious practices."

Witness my hand this ———— day of ——————.

Signed in the presence of ——————.

An Act was passed on the 10th of June, 1811, to amend and explain the above Act, by which it is enacted, "That nothing in the 27th Section of the said Act contained, shall extend to make any person or persons offending against the same, liable to more than twenty-five forfeitures or penalties for printing, or publishing, or dispersing, or assisting in publishing or dispersing, any number of copies of one and the same paper or book, contrary to the said Section of the said Act.

By the second Section of this Act, power is given to magistrates to mitigate the same to any sum not less than £5, with all reasonable costs incurred in the prosecution; and by the 4th Section, persons convicted under this amended Act may, if they think themselves aggrieved, appeal to the Quarter Sessions: where the justices, if they see cause, may mitigate any penalty or penalties, and may order any money to be returned which shall have been paid or levied under any conviction as aforesaid, and may also order and award such costs to be paid by either party to the other, as they shall think and judge reasonable.

The Act 60 Geo. III. cap. 9, to subject certain publications to the duties of Stamps upon Newspapers, and to make other regulations for restraining the abuses arising from the publication of blasphemous and seditious libels. December 30, 1819.

Sect. 1. All pamphlets and papers containing any public news, intelligence or occurrences, or any remarks or obse-