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1. Compositors to receive their cases from the overseer, or other person appointed by him, free from all pie, or other heterogeneous matter, with clean quadrat and space boxes to both Roman and Italic, which they are to return to him in the same state, or forfeit six-pence for each pair of cases.

2. When a compositor receives letter, furniture, &c. from the overseer, he is to return what he does not use, in the same state he received it, the same day, under the forfeiture of threepence.

3. Compositors to impose their matter when desired by the employer or overseer, or forfeit twopence for every hour's delay. The same for proofs that are desired to be corrected, unless in either case it shall appear that all the stones were engaged.

4. When the compositor imposes from furniture in chase, he is directly to tie up the pages of loose matter, or forfeit one penny for every neglected page, besides being obliged to clear away the pie thereby occasioned.

5. Forms, immediately after they are imposed, to be carried to the proof press, and the proofs when pulled to be given to the reader, or carried into the reading closet, with, if a first proof, the copy, and, if a second, the foul proof under the forfeiture of one penny for every quarter of an hour's delay.

6. Every compositor who shall leave a foul stone, either of letter, furniture, &c. shall forfeit one penny for every such offence.

7. Should a compositor detain an imposing-stone longer than the nature of the business may require, he is to be fined twopence for every hour's unnecessary delay.

8. When any cases are taken out of the racks, the com-