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positor is to return them into their proper place immediately after he has done with the same, under the forfeiture of one penny for each case.

9. No cases to be placed over others, or under the frames, under the penalty of one penny for each case.

10. Gallies with head lines, or other useful materials during the course of a piece of work, to be cleared the day after the work is all completely at press, or the compositor to forfeit threepence for each day's neglect.

11. When a work is completely finished, the compositor or compositors concerned shall, before he or they begin another work, unless prevented by the employer or overseer, clear away the forms, taking from them the head lines, white lines, leads, and reglets; which, with the furniture of each sheet, and the matter properly tied up for papering, are to be given to the overseer, or any person he may appoint.

12. Sweepings of frames to be cleared away before ten o'clock every morning, under the forfeiture of twopence for each neglect. Matter broken by accident to be cleared away on the same day under the like penalty.

13. A compositor mixing any two separate founts, without an express order from the overseer, to be fined one shilling.

14. When a compositor carries his form down for press, he is not to put two forms together without a partition between, on forfeiture of twopence; and in case, through neglect of such partition, a form should be battered, the compositor guilty of such neglect shall forfeit sixpence.

15. The saw, saw-block, bowl, sponge, letter-brush, shears, bellows, &c. to be returned to their respective places as soon as done with, under a forfeiture of one penny.

16. Any person taking a candlestick, bodkin, snuffers, composing-stick, &c. not his own, without permission of the owner, shall be fined threepence.

17. Any person misplacing cases in the rack, or taking