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an upper without the lower case, (vice versá,) shall be fined twopence.

18. That pie of any sort, on boards, windows, frames, &c. shall be cleared after five minutes' notice, under the penalty of sixpence.

19. That any person detected taking sorts from the frames or cases of another, without leave, be fined one shilling. Should any person be detected in hoarding useful sorts, not wanting or likely to want them, he shall be fined sixpence.

20. Any person in the house, (except the master or overseer,) who shall call off the errand boy while he is sweeping his rooms, to be fined threepence.

21. That the master, or overseer, forfeit one shilling, and compositor sixpence, for every candle left without proper charge:—The boundaries of the office to be considered the open air.

22. Jobs to be cleared away immediately after notice being given by the overseer, under the penalty of twopence for every hour's delay.

23. All fines to be paid on Monday, before 12 o'clock, under the penalty of sixpence. The overseer to make application for the fines before that time, or be fined six-pence.

24. These regulations, in cases of extreme hurry of business, may be suspended, by permission from the master, or overseer; but, when that has ceased, to be immediately resumed under the same forfeitures.


1. All proofs to be pulled within five minutes after notice, or the pressmen who are in proofs to fine one penny for each form.

2. Immediately after pulling a proof, the pressmen to rub over the forms and chases with a lie-brush, and place them against the compositor's frame to whom they belong, where