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paid 1s. per sheet; in Octavo, if only chap. or date, and not exceeding three explanatory lines on an average in each page, 1s. 6d. per sheet. Cut-in Notes, in smaller type than the body, to be paid for in a similar manner.

Side and Bottom Notes to many, particularly historical and law works, if attended with more than ordinary trouble, to be settled between the employer and journeyman.

13. Greek, Hebrew, Saxon, &c., or any of the dead characters, if one word and not exceeding three lines in any one sheet, to be paid for that sheet 1s. extra; all above to be paid according to their value.

14. Greek with space lines, and without accents, to be paid 8½d. per 1000; if with separate accents, 10d.; without space lines, and without accents, 8¾d.; with accents, 10¼d.: the asper not to be considered an accent. [If Dictionary matter, to take one halfpenny advance.]

15. Hebrew, Arabic, Syriac, &c., to be paid double; Hebrew with points to be cast up as half body and half points doubled.

16. Music to be paid double the body of the sonnet type.

17. Index matter, though but one measure, to be paid 2s. per sheet extra.

18. Booksellers' Catalogues (in whatever language) to be cast up at 7d. per 1000, not including the numbering.

19. Night work to commence and be paid for, from ten o'clock till twelve, 1s.; all after to be paid 3d. per hour extra till six.—Morning work, commencing at four o'clock, to be paid 1s. extra.—Sunday work, if not exceeding six hours, to be paid for 1s.; if for a longer time, 2d. an hour.

20. Jobs of one sheet or under (except Auctioneers' Catalogues and Particulars) to be cast up at 7d. per 1000; if done in smaller type than Brevier, to take the proportionate advance specified in Article 1.; if in foreign language, of one sheet or under, (except Auctioneers' Catalogues,) to be