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cast up at 8d. per 1000; if done in smaller type than Brevier, to take the proportionate advance specified in Art. 1.

21. Where two pages only are imposed, either opposite to or at the back of each other, they shall be paid for as two pages; but if with an indorse, or any other kind of matter constituting a third, then to be paid as a sheet if in Folio; a half-sheet if in Quarto, and so on.

22. Broadsides, such as Leases, Deeds, and Charter-parties, above the dimensions of crown, whether table or common matter, to be paid the double of common matter; on crown and under, to be paid one and one half common matter.—The indorse to be paid one fourth of the inside page, as common matter.

23. All Corrections to be paid 6d. per hour.

24. The Imprint to be considered as two lines in the square of the page.

25. Different volumes of the same work to be paid for distinctly, according to their value.

At a Meeting of Master Printers, held January 2, 1816, the following modifications were agreed to.


All reprinted works to be paid three farthings per 1000 less than the Scale of 1810. All manuscript or original works shall continue to be paid for as at present.


Every token above the first four tokens to be paid one halfpenny per hour less than the Scale of 1810.

Resolutions agreed to by the Delegates assembled to consider the state of Periodical Publications.

1. Publications, and parts of publications, when pulled in galleys or slips, to be made up at the expense of the employer.