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—"Ladies and Gentlemen and all those that lovingly assembled in this House." Those who are relatives or friends of the parents of our grandson. That is our precious stone and our rich feather, which again has arrived and is manifested. That is a gemstone and a gold bead, and is hair and nail of his ancestors. For some days the child will need all their help, he is the hope of the old grandparents and of us, this child, as every child is our bright future. Our great father gives us the opportunity to take care of him and serve him, because this is a big party and a wonder."

Immediately the old wise man approached the parents and said to them:

—Here they are, man and woman as this child parents; enjoy him and let him be your greatest asset. This little gem, this bundle of quetzal feathers, he is like a piece of precious stone cut from their ancestors, the hope of all of us. Mother and father, I am pleased to say that its beautiful small gem was born with a good sign, just in time and at the right place; but just as everything in life and the world, is made up complementing pairs; because such is day and night; cold and hot, your beautiful gem is entrusted with a difficult task. Your son will work hard and will have nothing; the gifts given by the Great Lord will not be for him, nor for us... he shall be the seed of other times.

Therefore, that is his fortunate and difficult road. Because of the large eagle that flew when he was born and his fate, the name of your precious pebble, will be Night Eagle.

Three months went by and as the Night Eagle christening was being prepared, again the family and friends came together. As it was the ancient custom in these lands, people gave as they received, and as there was a "commitment" from Jaguar claw with the community, for a party to celebrate the christening of his cub, the solidary support of friends and relatives began to arrive; corn, beans, chili, cocoa, and wood, were received by the immediate family.