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oldest man of the paternal family, began a solemn speech on behalf of all:

—"My beloved and tender son, hereby receive the education left to us, our Lord, our Lady, your father and your mother. You should know and understand, this is not your real home, here where you were born, because you are a spirit warrior, golden eagle, servant of our Lord that is everywhere.

This place that you have reached is not your final home, is only a temporary nest. Because here you came to flourish, learn to fly.

Your own land is elsewhere; where you are promised. This land is just a battlefield where you must learn to defeat yourself. Your true land is in the Sun."

Then the oldest lady of the mother's family began her speech:

—"My beloved daughter, brave and vigorous woman, you've behaved as the eagle and jaguar on the battlefield. You have fought, suffered, were victorious, gave us a beautiful child, beloved daughter. Our father, our mother; are satisfied with you."

After the speeches, all the people gathered in the House, came to pay tribute to the smallest of the people and congratulate the proud parents. Immediately came the wise men of the books, the holders of "the black and red ink". They first asked the exact time of birth; they consulted the books and discussed among them, meanwhile relatives kept a respectful silence and expecting parents waited the wise men ruling.

Then the eldest man spoke and said: