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The midwife, wise and nature knowing woman, realized that this night would fall a huge storm and the child would be born. The peace of town was broken by a lightning bolt, which first lit up the Valley and then shook the bodies with a very strong thunder. Rain precipitated as if by mandate, from the outset abundantly fell and remained all night.

Young women started praying and the midwife with four experienced women began to work. The screams of pain were overshadowed by thunder and raindrops hitting the ground. Thin Flower fought with force, in the midst of great pains, to bring her son to the world.

It was early in the morning when the storm ended. Just as it started, a luminous lightning detached from the sky, as never seen before and its powerful thunder announced the birth of the child; while a huge eagle flew around the home of the newborn.

A thunder woke all the people up, who in the strange silence left by the tempest, heard the cry of the child and saw the strange night flight of the majestic bird, which pierced deep in the hearts of all.

The midwife then took the child and said:

—"Be very welcome, dear boy. We know the work that you had to get to this world, full of fatigue and suffering. We do not know that gifts and venture was given to you by the gods, we hope that you're a worthy heir to your parents and grandparents, and you flourish among us". At the end of the speech, the midwife cut the child navel and buried the placenta at the house patio with Jaguar claw. After washing and drying the navel in a ceramic pot with scented herbs.

In the House everything was joy around the couple and their offspring, the whole family gathered. As it was customary, the