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what waits for you, is wonderful, immeasurable and frightening.

DAANY BEÉDXE is one of the oldest houses of the old Toltec grandparents in the world. The mountain where it is located is together with these valleys, a magnetic and powerful place; of this, our beloved mother.

As you know, earth is a living being. Our dear mother is alive, feels, and is going to die. As all living being it has some parts more important and sensitive than others. The reason for DAANY BEÉDXE existence is attributable to this cause. In this place, heaven and earth are in direct and constant contact. The energy fields, in addition to being special; men, over hundreds of bundles of years, have particularly transformed them, to be used almost indefinitely.

You shall never return among us, at this time we already are ghosts for you, dust on the road. However, if you fail in your attempt to be one more among the DAANY BEÉDXE warriors; you shall dissolve in the mist of oblivion, no one will remember you. But if you succeed at your attempt, you will forever live among us.

Night Eagle deeply stared at his tutor for a long time. Both got up; and hugged each other emotionally, and then the young boy gave his tutor, all the feelings that linked him to his past. Then turned around and quickly moved towards the gates of "The land of the twin precious", with the rising sun on his backs and repeating a verse between his mind and his heart:

 "From inside the sky come
the beautiful flowers, beautiful songs.
Try hard, want the flowers of the shield,
flowers from the life giver.
What could my heart do?
In vain we came,
in vain we sprouted from earth.