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seen. The fog was dense and heavy, he could almost not see, Night Eagle was flying without finding the course. Then he felt a powerful look. Huge eyes, emitting a greenish light like a lighthouse, stopped his flight. He carefully looked and the huge eyes turned out to be those of Burnt Stone, who was in front of him again in the room. The first rays of light came through the door; the old man and the boy were in the same position. They heard snails sound; the old man rose slowly, approached the ear of the young and told him in a faint voice:

Very well boy is time to go to work.

That morning Burnt Stone and Night Eagle went to the North Mountains; after a two day walk, arrived in a small valley which was in the middle of a ravine. The old man started a pediment to the Lord of the forest, to allow them to take what they needed. After burying copal and a few small pieces of jade, in reciprocal exchange; Burnt Stone turned to the interior of the forest, walked a time until he found a few mushrooms.

He kneeled before them and began to sing them a sweet song, when he finished, he explained to them that they were searching for their brothers, a mushroom called "Children of the divinity". After a while, the old man stood up and came to where Night Eagle was waiting.

"The children of the divinity" are an hour away, to the northwest —the old man asserted— their brothers told me".

Finally, they found the mushrooms in the designated place. Night Eagle and Burnt Stone set out to perform the ceremony. They burned copal and prayed. Then Burnt Stone approached the mushrooms as follows:

—Very dear and beloved our brothers, "Children of the divinity". Great mercy and grace has made our Lord in allowing us to reach you, wise and divine brothers.