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Then the four marine snails sounded that surrounded the four corners to the majestic drum, as signal so that the midwife now placed her wet fingers in the child bare chest, saying:

—“Here taste the heavenly water, hope of our hope, taste here the very pure water that washes and cleanses your heart, that removes all dirt, receive her; She shall clean and will purify your heart."

Once again sounded the marine snails and the incense smell became stronger, which was burnt in the four corners of the patio. Then the old woman threw water on the child head by saying:

—"Oh my grandson, my son, receive and take water from the Lord of this world, that is our life and is for our body to grows and flourish, it is to wash, it is to clean; I pray that it enters your body and there live this heavenly blue water, and clear blue! I pray that it destroys and separates from you, all the bad and negative things that were given to you before the beginning of the world, because all men are left at its mercy, because is our mother, the Lady of the jade skirt, the goddess of earthly waters".

Immediately after, the midwife took the child with both hands and slowly lifting him to the East, in search of heaven, said thus:

—"Our Lord, here is this child that you sent to this place of pain, suffering and sacrifices, which is this world; please bless him with your gifts and your inspiration.

Lowered and raised the child, saying: "Lady, mother of heaven, I turn my words to you, I beg you to give this beautiful pebble, your immense virtue and inspiration."

There was then a waiting space on the ceremony, for a few minutes, all kept silent. Then flutes and whistles