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began to play a sublime melody, awaited by all the eager hearts, who shared the ceremony.

The old midwife again took the baby in her hands and raised him towards the Sun, saying:

—"Mighty and wise Lord of the wind; you who take care for us here on Earth, you who are all wisdom and goodness, you who have taught everything that we know, you who motivates our awareness of being, you who with your divine breath give spiritual life to our body; "You, the great feathered serpent!, give wisdom and illuminate this child."

Suddenly, to everyone surprise, the house patio was inexplicable swept by a cold and powerful gust of wind, flaring up the fire of the incense burners, scenting the environs with smell of copal. The amazed voices of those attending saw this wonderful event as a good omen.

This is how began the life of Night Eagle, as all children, they were consented for five years. In those wonderful five springs, the splendid puppy was the complete joy of his parents.

Night Eagle was a tender and sweet child, but at the same time a strong character could be seen. His premature prudence and acute intelligence amazed; he was always in the proper place and with the exact intensity; but what drew much attention, was his warm smile and deep glance, which seemed a leafy tree full of trills and tender joy.

The village where Night Eagle was born, as it was the millenary tradition, was divided into four quarters, each had an inherited artisan specialty, besides the normal work of the field, which was common to all. Each district had its public buildings, schools, market, Government House, and especially its patronal Temple.