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powerful snap was heard, dry and short— follow us we shall welcome you.

Night Eagle knew, from his body, that something important had happened, when the old man manipulated his head, he felt different, but as everything happened so fast, he could not stop to think about it.

The entrance to the wonderful complex was something truly impressive. A wall three-body height outlined the boundaries. Access was from the south side, facing east. The set of buildings was superb. All were lavishly decorated; each wall was like a Codex, in which the wisdom of old grandparents was present. The entourage walked in front of the south building and went towards the northern building, passing by the western side constructions, up to a large stairway. Large drums began beating, the sound seemed come from everywhere. The Group waited until the music stopped and two men appeared at the top; one had his body painted white, with a jaguar skin headdress. With black stripes on his face and body. A transversally cut snail hung form his chest and on his shoulders wore a cloak made with beautiful color feathers and a white pair of sandals. His companion body and face was painted black, with white dots. He wore a jade necklace and a cloak made of heron feathers. Both men had beautifully decorated staffs.

Upon a signal, the entourage began to slowly climb the stairs, while music was again heard, which now was more solemn and rhythmical. When they reached the top, they were in front of a corridor with twelve large diameter columns. Night Eagle was placed at the center and the entourage walked across the aisle. On the other side was a staggered square with four stairs, one on each cardinal point and a small building in the center. There were four hundred people in the square, one hundred per side. Night Eagle walked across the square, accompanied by the two men