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and he was placed facing east, at the small building of the center. Then, the welcoming ceremony commenced. The large drums multiplied their voices and power. In the four corners copal was being burned and at the same time the four groups of people began to dance. Each group danced around a person who was at their center, so that although everyone danced with the same pace, each group followed their own leader. The dance turned to the left, but each group also revolved around their leader to the left. From time to time, groups changed their cardinal point, at the same time while continuing to dance; going from south to west and then north, to then reach the east and thus once again reach the southern position. Night Eagle also revolved, but in the opposite direction.

The music and dance dislodged a powerful energy that was increasing. Each time speed would increase. It seemed that the feet of the four hundred dancers, aroused the beloved mother, and implored her company and strength.

At the beginning, Night Eagle slowly turned opposite, in the axis of his own feet. Something indicated so it had to be, his body moved by itself and he let go. The music, the rhythm and the bodies, generated a powerful energy that seemed to emerge from the earth. Night Eagle closed his eyes and thoughtlessly surrendered to the dance. Without realizing it, his body was turning with the group; suddenly he felt a pull and heard the sound of a dry branch breaking. He opened his eyes and realized he was rising into the sky. He felt no fear, his body was at the forefront of the facts and his mind was still waiting.

He climbed until he could see DAANY BEÉDXE small and insignificant from those heights. The mountains were seen in various shades of green, to strong blue. On the horizon he could see the highest volcano of the great land surrounded by the divine waters, The “Cerro de la Estrella”. His flight lasted an instant or an eternity. He saw five large cities with pyramids and truly extraordinary and majestic buildings. With an