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He did not know how long he wandered by those paths which were on the eastern side of the holy mountain, the truth is that suddenly he woke up lying on a petate in a little adobe House. It was a very small room, with a door facing east. Outside was a small roofed corridor and was in a mountain outcrop, which gave him an excellent view of the beautiful twin town. In the background were some huge hills, which during evenings caught in their mass, light and its wonderful colors.

Night Eagle realized that at the other end of the room, were some food dishes and a water jug resting on a mat. He ate and went to the corridor, between the roof trunks he found two hammocks, placed them and laid down to wait.

In the afternoon his teacher arrived and Night Eagle asked he did not see the other inhabitants of the holy mountain, to which the old man replied:

—DAANY BEÉDXE is not a place for common men and acts, here is where the human spirit expresses and its language is based on "flower and song", its feeling is expressed by deeds; immaculate deeds of great beauty and temperance. DAANY BEÉDXE is a very special place, which is why the deeds of the warriors who live here, have to be very special. Nothing you see or witness in the sacred mountain, is similar to what you lived in the Valley. To be in equilibrium with DAANY BEÉDXE, one has to act flawlessly. To achieve harmony in DAANY BEEDXE, which is an incomparable mystery... one has to become another mystery!

As I said, here live the four hundred southern warriors. DAANY BEÉDXE is composed of four generating cores, one in each mountain. Each has a particular purpose, to define it somehow; they are four different scenarios of the same battle. Four elements and the fifth is the human being, organized in 23