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warrior teams and the nine heaven warriors. These four places, which are on top of the hills, were chosen by the old Toltec grandparents. In each of them, the spirit warriors must carry must perform their complex, sophisticated and difficult tasks, to win his Florid War.

Already told you, DAANY BEÉDXE is not a city or a temple. Here reside one of the most important energy points of our dear mother, here men face the immeasurable, in the best sense, and it is a sacred place. For this reason, at first DAANY BEÉDXE will seem to be uninhabited. Moreover, for the eyes of any common man, perhaps he will see it deserted; because we no longer like them, surely we would be perceived as ghosts, but this is not the case. The truth is that while you start on the path of "flower and song", you will only see me; but I should remind you, however, that when you came, the four hundred warriors received you, which tells you that in some very special occasions, all the warriors participate in joint activities. The dear brothers of the land of the beautiful twin will provide you the necessary; their impeccability lies in that you'll ever see them.

I see that you chose an extraordinary place. It seems you energy is in tune with this place —the teacher words were fair and accurate. Night Eagle had not thought about it, but felt perfectly in that place, as if it were the place of his entire life.

We have to start our work, follow me.

The old man and the student went to the top of the mountain and entered through the front door. They walked towards a building in the south-east part and climbed the stairs, before entering, the teacher thus addressed his pupil:

—Here we again begin. You must close your eyes and take my hand, I will guide you to inside the compound and there I will give you further instructions. Night Eagle closed her eyes and let his teacher led him. He immediately felt that they turned to the right, after