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walking some steps they turned to the left, walked a few steps and went down a few steps, then walked four circles and stop. —Open your eyes, said the teacher. Night Eagle was in a square patio, completely enclosed by four buildings on the sides. In each building, was a small chamber with a very wide door. At the vertex of the four patio corners, were constructions resembling corridors, three of which did not lead anywhere, the fourth, which was at the South—West corner, was the entrance. They were such that from the patio center, the entrance could not be seen— What feelings does this place provokes in you? The teacher asked. I feel in a very intimate place, give me the feeling that I am locked in my himself, feels like an atmosphere of hermetecism.

The four buildings facades were painted in the following way: the east was red, the south blue, the west white and the north black. The decoration in principle was similar in all four. It consisted of a lintel above the entrance and two murals painted on the walls.

On the North facade two hummingbirds in profile were painted, on an opposed position, on a black background; in the central part, over the door, was a strange bird, which looking forward. At the east facade, on a red background were painted two eagles, one on each wall and over the door another strange bird, looking forward. The south facade, on a blue background, were two serpents, one on each wall and over the door, a huge face of a strange snake; finally, on the west facade on a white background, two Jaguars and over the door, an animal head, shaped as jaguar, serpent and eagle, all at the same time.

Then the teacher told him:

—Night Eagle, the map of the warrior path is outlined here. You must learn it in your heart, because the road will be long and sometimes devastating.