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The four directions of earth start on your navel, "the center". You will begin from earth: the power of the jaguar is the representation of matter, here you are born, here you sprout to the awareness of being, and its color is white. When you manage to overcome matter’s inertia you will be born spiritually.

Then you shall jump as a jaguar to war, you will have to engage in the most terrible war, that an individual can fight, the war with himself, the war in your guts... The florid war. You'll have to use all your intelligence and willpower; in short will have to be impeccable with your rationality. The death of your dispersed parts, the death of the feelings that bind and tie you to the world of matter, will be represented by the wonderful Hummingbird and the black color.

You will then fly the change region, because everything in you will have changed. You shall enter through the snake to the terrifying irrational world of the unknown, of the unnamable, its color is blue.

Finally, if you manage to overcome the three stages of the path of the florid battle warrior, you will reach the promised heaven, will fly up high in the company of the eagle, in the middle of a completely red sky, because that is its color and the strength of your spirit will take you to the long-awaited resurrection, essential life reason, trophy given to the Flower War victorious warriors.

You will first have to pass these four stages of the battle in this building, during forty days you will be here, you will to subsequently move onto four buildings specially constructed for this process, in the four hills comprising DAANY BEÉDXE. I will be always by your side, although you may not see me".

Without saying a word, Night Eagle went to the western building to start his florid battle. All that his teacher had told him, fitted exactly into his head and his heart. It gave him the feeling that his entire life, he had been waiting for that order, and without fear, nor ambition, he went fulfill his destiny. His teachers