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Over his head was carved the night sky with stars, where Venus was highlighted. On both sides was a series of symbols, which referred to his name, place of birth and his personal attributes.

Then the voice of his Teacher was heard:

—It is indeed beautiful; it has been a patient and impeccable work, which ended in success. It was not easy to do and your body is now grateful.

The teacher was quite right, Night Eagle had not done so consciously, until Star serpent mentioned it. In fact, his body was now more compact and muscular, without losing its natural elasticity. Something inside had also changed; he was more cautious, thoughtful and balanced; in short, he had an air of sobriety and indifference in his behavior.

—Actually, the engraving doesn't really matter, but the dedication and the wholeness which you used to make it. There are out there, many engraved stones of the first warriors. As you can see, each time they become more sophisticated. There are many ways to do this work, really what makes the difference are the tastes, time and space. Some warriors prefer to make large stone heads, others like columns, most prefer steles like this; some bury them, others attach them to buildings. Finally it does not matter, because it is only a symbol of what they were, what matters is that they are now all these immaculate warriors.

Night Eagle then began to carefully observe all the complex engraved stones. There were of all sizes and some very old. Specially noticed some stones engraved on the side walls of the building where he recapped, all were upside down and the date and origin of the warrior. Others were in strange positions, as if they were in weightless worlds; others had helmets and body engravings.