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—All these stones in the Jaguar sacred mountain aren't just any stones. The Prodigy of the knowledge of the old Toltec grandparents has touched them. The immense amount of stone used here and their journey this far, is a perennial testimony, of the will to be and transcend of our people, and probably will be in the future, the most important heritage of our children's children, said the voice of the Teacher.

Some of these stones have very valuable information. The old Toltec grandparents deposited in these stones mountains of knowledge. They are as tenates (cylindrical vessels); full of wisdom and each one has externally carved the history or the theme of this wisdom. The Toltecs have left inside these stones, all the information needed to restore the ancient wisdom, whenever necessary.

Night Eagle had already been for almost two solar cycles in DAANY BEÉDXE. In all this time, he had only seen people at the welcoming ceremony. The site was still alive, but apparently uninhabited. The teacher assured him that they lived there with him, four hundred warriors. However, lately Night Eagle, had a feeling that at any time he would find someone, he felt accompanied, perhaps even watched.

The brothers from the land of the beautiful twin, quiet and impeccably fulfilled their mission, what little Night Eagle needed, was always in the right place and time.

One afternoon, as the young warrior was at home fixing the roof, he heard a powerful and distant thunder. In the northern mountains clouds were piling up, as if getting ready to jump over the Valley. There were large amounts of thick and almost black clouds, unconsciously he looked at the Etla Valley and thought that all that water would be very good for the land. Lightning began to illuminate the dark afternoon, on the west the sun appeared to be hurriedly retreating, fleeing the storm.