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Suddenly, in a few minutes the storm fell over the Valley, at the time when the night began. Night Eagle did not know why, since he was a boy, was fascinated by storms at night. At the top of the holy mountain, the storms were a shocking experience. The boy was experiencing a deep pleasure to see and hear, lightning striking. Something told him that nothing would happen, so the closer lightning fell, the more pleasure he felt. In the darkness of night and with the rain noise, Night Eagle waited for the sky, first the lightning dazzling beam light, to then shake with the roar of the thunder, that reverberated all over his body.

Night Eagle was interrupted by the arrival of his teacher, who said to him:

—A storm like this invites to talk about power, don’t you think? —the teacher asked—. The old Toltec grandparents, as I have told you, left us their knowledge, to fight for the minimum opportunity given by the eagle. You know that the most important, the beginning of everything is learning how to save energy, to be able to try moving the assembly point of the luminous egg, the place where internal energies are assembled with the external and what produces our vision of the world.

Tonight we will discuss three perceptions we have of the world. The first is that from childhood we learn to shape the power of "The force". This perception is that of the known world, what turns energy into stone, water, earth, wood, meat, and everything you see and feel in this world. This is achieved with the internal and external energy, which assembles at a certain point of the luminous egg. This perception is achieved thanks to huge energy amounts we use to perform, this "perceptive magic". It is not easy to achieve and at least it takes the first seven years of our lives, to lay the groundwork of what will be the world "assembly".