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The game is played and the raw rubber ball is hit with violent dexterity, from one end to the other of the court, by the ten opponents, or the two adversaries; and there are only three options, which will indicate the intention of "the immeasurable and infinite".

The first is that neither opponent wins the game; this would indicate that the "immeasurable" abstained to express itself. The second is that an opponent during the game passes the ball through one of the two stone rings, at the middle of the side walls that delimit the field, where it is played. This fact is considered by its difficulty degree, a miracle, and therefore an expression of "the infinite", which emits a signal and then the game ends. The third option is that the opposite team or player wins, with the same results.

In the early morning the next day, the teacher and the student went to receive the eagle at the highest pyramid of the northern complex. The old man and the young man sat next to the jaguar, the three receiving the morning energy. Later they went to the ballgame court, where the mountain guardians had already prepared all necessary. The Teacher and the student burned copal and sat, each at his corner of the court, to stop the internal dialogue and let corporeal energy take control. The question made to "the immeasurable and infinite", revolved around whether Night Eagle should continue his way on his own, question posed by the young boy; or if the student should join the warrior team of his peers and continue with the lineage tradition, question posed by the teacher.

Shortly before the Sun reached its Zenith, Night Eagle began to gear up for the game, when he finished had time to observe carefully the "game pass", as they used to call the building sporting event was made. The court consisted of three rectangles; a large one oriented north-south and two smaller of equal size, at the ends of the first, joined perpendicularly in intersecting directions.