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had learned to thank their tutelary gods, for the goods and ventures extended upon them. Their parents as all the people were deeply religious. Along the house corridor, was the kitchen, at the center was a stove, with three large stones symbolizing the home center. At the back of the patio, was the Temazcal bath, that in addition to its ritual purposes, was used for medicinal and hygiene purposes; since it was an ancient custom, deeply rooted in the everyday life of the people. Finally, also in the back of the patio, were the ceramic workshop and the barn.

Thus the first years of Night Eagle childhood were spent. But the time to go to the House of youth arrived, this institution was where children and adolescents started their education; there they were trained to acquire the basic knowledge to become "citizens". Their assistance was mandatory and the costs were covered by the teachers and students.

There was a school for girls and one for boys; and in the House of singing, they participated together. There they were taught everything related to the arts, because according to old grandparents, the reason for existence was learned with the wisdom that the old grandparents called "Flower and Song" (Flower and Song), understood as wisdom and beauty.

To perform the school reception ceremony, Jaguar claw invited grandparents, godparents, uncles and cousins of his beloved child. After burning incense and praying to the tutelary gods, all attending met in the back yard, which had been prepared for the party. Jaguar claw and Thin flower flanked by grandparents sat in the western side of the patio and on the eastern side, sat Night Eagle accompanied by his godfathers. The mother relatives were located in the southern side and those of the father in the northern side. A branch canopy was installed with fragrant field flowers, with the smell of burnt incense produced a spiritual and mystical atmosphere. It was then when Jaguar claw began his speech: