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—"My beloved and very dear son, listen careful to what I'll tell you. Our Lord brought you in this hour, where I want to talk about what you have to keep every day of your life; and that I do because you are my beloved and very dear son, more than any precious stone, more than any rich feather, I have nothing but you; you're the first, second and third, you're the last.

I have decided to tell you certain things that pertain to you, by the duty I have as your father; I want to do my duty, because tomorrow or any other day, God will take me and remove me from this earth, because he is almighty, because we are subject to human frailty and death, our life on Earth is very uncertain.

I wish to tell you, son, what you need to know and put into work, that is something worthy of being estimated and kept as gold in cloth, and gemstones in chest, because were left with us by the old grandparents and grandmothers; the elderly, our ancestors, who lived in these lands and Lordships; they talked among the people of this town and had dignity and wisdom.

These were very great lords and had the dignity of the Kingdom and its Government, they were not arrogant, on the contrary, were very humble and simple. They did not consider themselves as lords but as poor and pilgrims; these ancestors, of whom we descend, lived in austere and humble manner in this world, did not live presumptuously, with arrogance, haughtiness or desire for honors.

This is how, my son, the Toltec grandparents lived in the world, from whom we descend, your grandparents and great-grandparents, that left us here, from whom you descend. Look at them, my beloved son, look at their virtues, at their fame and the brightness and clarity they left; look at the mirror and the virtue that they left and put it in front of you, and keep it in front of your eyes; look at yourself in it and see who you are; see that your life is conducted in a like manner; try to put their life in front of you, and then you will know the flaws and stains in you.