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See that our Lord "He for whom one lives" sees the hearts and all secret things, no matter how hidden. And listens to what stirs in our hearts, when we live in this world; see that your humility is pure and true and without any arrogance mix; try that your humility before God is pure, like a very fine precious stone; try not showing something outside and have another inside.

You should know, my son, that the Toltec old grandparents said to us that children are beloved by "the invisible and impalpable", much appreciated by our Lord who is everywhere. Thus learn well my beloved son, keep you from carnal delights and in no way you should desire them, keep you away from all the dirty things that stain men, not only in the spirits, but also in the body, causing sickness and bodily and spiritual death.

The old grandparents said that god has gifts and deeds for children and youth; at this time he points out who shall become Lords, Kings, or Captains; also during childhood and adolescence, our divinity gives gifts and wealth.

“My son, already told you many things that are necessary for your education and your aging away from home, so that you live in the world as a human being, so you know to be a worthy descendant of our noble and wise Toltec grandparents; now it is up to you to use them, now you will have to go to the House of the youth and the House of the singing, you will have teachers and guides, but the most important thing is that we all are there, your family and old grandparents", inside your heart”.

Night Eagle remained silent, it seemed as if one by one all the words expressed by his loving father, were slowly accommodating within him, to form a solid Temple. After a few moments, the little puppy embraced his parents,