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knowledge exist independently of each other, that we can learn without words and above all, without thinking. To our wise ancestors entering the world of the spirit is to enter the abstract realm, where there are no words and thoughts, only acts; because the warrior knows that the abstract world is a world of deeds, where words and thoughts have nothing to do. This is where the old Toltec grandparents’ abstract knowledge part resides. When the warrior faces the world from the abstract, the idea of the individual "I" disappears, as well as feelings and personal interests. To abstract this way leads to enter the spiritual world.

Night Eagle was completely captivated by the Teacher’s words. When he realized, that he was alone in the building, his Teacher had disappeared. He started down the stairs and in the middle he sat down and suspended his ideas; he contemplated the plaza and the mysterious buildings at the center, where he had never been summoned by his Teacher. He totally felt DAANY BEÉDXE with all his body, with all its energy. He believed that it was not only the reason and that the human being in the sacred mountain, was about to jump to the immeasurable and wonderful.

The days passed slowly, Night Eagle felt that time operated differently in the sacred mountain. It was as if the days were longer and more intense.

One afternoon, Night Eagle felt the urge to climb the pyramid in the southern part. The Sun had barely reached the top of the sky, that that day it had an intense and totally transparent blue. The boy climbed to the highest part, where a single body small pyramidal construction was built and with four stairs on each side.

From the first time that he was on this site, he was captivated by the view, but specially its energy. The boy knew there was a mysterious link with the place, his body told him.