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them. He slowly and carefully collecting all his feelings that had been trapped by the stones, in return he left a smile and a deep exhalation. He finally climbed to the top of the south pyramid, his place, and began a speech, with the loud voice but without stridency, he spoke from the depths of his being, seemed to him that the buildings were listening, the four hundred warriors and the mountain guardians. He was talking to himself. His words were echoless thunder; one by one, came out in order and with rhythm and all talked about the wonderful experience of having been in this place of power. He thanked all the stones, all the clouds, all the sunrises and sunsets, the rain, the wind, the night, and its moons. Finally he said that no matter where he died, he would return to DAANY BEÉDXE with the last spasm of energy, to die here.

The afternoon seemed to understand the young warrior speech, because its color was becoming lit red. A thick bank of clouds could be seen on the horizon, to the south. A rain storm far in the distance seemed to be the answer to the warrior words.

The sun began its journey below the earth, when a chant was heard. Night Eagle turned to his right, toward the center of the square and saw the four hundred southern warriors, who were singing a war song as farewell. The show was truly impressive. Huge drums and snails echoed across the square, making the stones and hearts vibrate. Every warrior had a torch and carried a musical instrument. They sang and danced to the rhythm of the sound of their feet, because the ayoyote rattles tied to their ankles made the ground tremble at the large drums rhythm.

It was then that Night Eagle knew that the four hundred southern warriors had always been with him, it was their combined produced energy, what facilitated his teachings and although he never spoke with none of them, he knew that they all felt the same. An energy torrent that provided him